Saturday, 8 February 2014

simon cowell leaving the judging seat to go back to the uk judges seat

simon cowell is leaving the x factor usa judging seat to go back to the uk x factor 2014 this year it would seem, well it has been now confirmed that simon will be judging the x factor uk 2014, what this means for the x factor usa though is unknown at the moment.

but it is confirmed that cowell is judging the x factor uk this year, so it would be easy to presume now that simon cowell has left the x factor usa, with immediate effect, because he can judge both shows right.

this does not mean that the x factor usa has been cancelled because nothing has been said, and it is thought that fox tv and the x factor usa are negotiating there 2014 contract, but it definitely looks like you will not see simon cowell judging the x factor usa this year eitherway.

so look for a completely new judging panel at the x factor usa 2014, and probably a revised different looking format as well.

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